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Doing business with MyScanner gives resellers access to a vast array of technology products, Scanners peripheral products and accessories, power devices, as well as office productivity software applications. These products are offered in conjunction with a comprehensive range of services, including innovative financing, technical training and industry events, and scores of business-development programs and productivity enhancing e-business tools to help the reseller operate their business more efficiently.

MyScanner 's broad product portfolio and range of services truly make us The Difference in Distribution and Services, but the fundamentals of sound leadership, a strong Code of Ethics and corporate governance have enabled MyScanner to thrive and stand the test of time. We pioneered Scanner parts Distributed services a year ago, and our mission has remained relatively unchanged over the years. A history of innovation has enabled MyScanner to become one of the best-performing and most reliable distributors and services in the IT channel, building an outstanding value proposition for our reseller customers, vendor partners and employees.

We Solve Problems Quickly, Because We Know Downtime Is Costly.


When you experience a hardware issue, just call our MyScanner at 012 3875186. A customer service representative will speak with you about the hardware problem; once it has been determined that a visit by one of our field service personnel is required, a service call will be opened.

Within an hour, the field service engineer nearest your location will call you and schedule a service call for the next business day.

If parts are required, our Parts Center will ship the necessary parts to your location via overnight express service.




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